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Kawasaki Horizontal Lifting Clamp 16T
Kawasaki Horizontal Lifting Clamp 16T
Kawasaki Horizontal Lifting Clamp 16T
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22 Jul 2020
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Kawasaki Horizontal Lifting Clamp 16T.

PT. Hamparan Anugrah Sejahtera was established in 2018 as a company dedicated to providing heavy lifting equipment products that have high safety standards, as well as providing the best solutions for the lifting activities of all our customers.

Lifting Clamp is lifting accessories usually hanging from a Crane Hook and attached to a steel plate, drums and other objects for easy lifting. The purpose of using a Lifting Clamp is as a lifting point as well as a safety when the workload is moved. Because of the many types of steel, shapes, sizes, and weights, various types of Lifting Clamps are available as an alternative choice. You need to determine all of these variables and choose a Lifting Clamp that has the right grip capacity and range for the steel you are handling. And most importantly, you need to know what is the position of the steel at the beginning of the lift, and what orientation is needed for the final position at the end of the lifting or lifting process. This is important because some clamping plates only lift vertically, others within 90 degree angle range, and others that can move plates with 180 degree angle range. It is highly recommended that you consult with us before deciding what Lifting Clamp works best for your needs.

Horizontal Lifting Clamp is a type of lifting clamp that is used to lift and move iron or beams (iron beams) that have a horizontal position. This type can lift the type of goods that are not soft or easy to loose. For this type of horizontal plate clamp a pair is usually used.

There are various Lifting Clamp models, namely:
1. Vertical Lifting Clamp
2. Horizontal Lifting Clamp
3. Drum Lifter

By knowing the advantages of Lifting Clamp, you have no doubt in using Lifting Clamp.

We provide Original, Safe and Certified Lifting Clamp products. For product consultation and ordering please contact us.

We sell quality Kawasaki Lifting Clamps at competitive prices.
We sell Kawasaki Lifting Clamps of various sizes.

For reservations, please contact us now.



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